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Let’s Shred: Who We Are + What We Do at GreenGivers

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Do something good with shredding.

These days, fundraisers seem to be all about selling cookies, chocolates, or doughnuts. Years ago, elementary school children competed for that prized pizza party by seeing who could sell the most rolls of wrapping paper. Parents and family friends seem to always be down to fill out an order form, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to raise money for schools and businesses by doing something that people really needed that simultaneously put the planet first?

Fundraising with a Purpose & Why Shredding Matters

Every business or household has a reason to destroy confidential documents—whether those are bank and credit card statements or stored employee records and proprietary information. When these confidential documents are discarded improperly, they can easily make their way into the wrong hands. Secure shredding is one way to protect yourself against identity theft.

Meet GreenGivers.

GreenGivers is a new and eco-friendly movement that combines confidential shredding, recycling, and fundraising all-in-one.

As a women-owned business and an initiative through Lock Tight Shredding, a full-service and on-site document destruction company that assures maximum shredding security, GreenGivers offers individuals, students, schools, neighborhoods, and businesses a way to share a secure shredding service with their community all while protecting the planet and raising money for their cause.

Through the GreenGivers program, we’ll shred your confidential documents and recycle the paper, saving hundreds of trees that would otherwise be cut down and processed for commercial use.

Did you know? With GreenGivers, there’s a 50% profit guarantee and GreenGivers will certify how many trees are saved based on the amount of shredded paper recycled.

Do something good with your shredding.

GreenGivers is an entirely new way of raising money all while doing good and caring for the planet. Giving back, doing good, and making money...all while going green? That’s exactly what GreenGivers is all about.

If you’re interested in hosting a GreenGivers fundraiser in your community, click HERE [INSERT CONTACT LINK HERE] for more information.

Copyright @ 2019 GreenGivers Inc.

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