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 As a women-owned business and an initiative through Lock Tight Shredding, a full-service and on-site document destruction company that assures maximum shredding security, GreenGivers offers individuals, students, schools, neighborhoods, and businesses a way to share a secure shredding service with their community all while protecting the planet and raising money for their cause. 


Through the GreenGivers program, we’ll shred your confidential documents and recycle the paper, saving hundreds of trees that would otherwise be cut down and processed for commercial use. 

GreenGivers is a new and eco-friendly movement that combines confidential shredding, recycling, and fundraising all-in-one.

Lilly Pares

Founder, CEO GreenGivers

Lillivette Pares is an entrepreneur, environmentalist, and the founder of GreenGivers Fundraising, a new and eco-friendly movement that combines confidential shredding, environmental recycling, and fundraising all-in-one.

Pares is also the CEO of Lock Tight Shredding, a full-service shredding company serving Central Florida and surrounding areas since 2015. Joining Pares in the operations is her husband, Angel Rivera, who, as the COO, manages all field operations. As a team, they love working together and planning for the future.

As an educator, Pares has always been passionate about the planet. Before she launched GreenGivers, an environmentally-focused fundraising off-shoot of Lock Tight Shredding, in 2019, Pares worked as an engineer for more than 30 years.

Pares sees GreenGivers as a way to bring awareness to environmental issues while providing a solution to communities who lack shredding options. Through GreenGivers, communities and schools raise money through secure shredding events. In her free time, Pares and her husband enjoy healthy living, vegetarian life, and gardening.

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Meet The Team


Kim McCracken

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Development Manager



Nancy Quinn

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Director of Sales


Did you know?... With GreenGivers, there’s a 50% profit guarantee and GreenGivers will certify how many trees are saved based on the amount of shredded paper recycled. 

Who we are?

We are an innovative, eco-friendly fundraising company. Our focus is to help people raise money for their cause and make sure that they also protect the environment along the way.

Our Mission

What we believe?

We believe that it’s very important to take care of our planet and nurture it the best way that we can. And with help from GreenGivers you can easily do all of that and so much more. Our focus is on protecting our planet and making it easier for you to raise funds for any cause you want.

Join the Green Givers Movement!

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